Beach Grove Woodworking in Delta

        BEACH GRove woodworking is the realization of a dream. Owner Jon Duncan has always built things from wood. From the early age of 3 he began with simple blocks of wood. this progressed to building forts in the forest at age 10 and then skateboard ramps from salvaged plywood and nails at age 12. In his twenties he repurposed pallet wood that would have gone into the dump into a line of home furniture. framing houses in edmonton during the winter months instilled an appreciation for working hard towards a goal and the building process.

        In 2004 Jon enrolled in the eltt joinery program at bcit in burnaby, b.c.

graduating at the top of his class he was hired on with Ornamentum furniture in vancouver and began an intense three year apprenticeship building solid wood furniture. in 2008 jon found himself at a crossroad and decided to explore new challenges and opportunities as a freelance designer and builder. in 2011 he founded beach grove woodworking and set up shop in a 1000sqft facility in Tsawwassen,b.c. jon brings many skills and talents to the business with a passion for quality and conducting business in an honest and forthright manner.